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NIV, Discover God's Heart Devotional Bible, eBook

By Walk Thru the Bible

  • Release Date: 2014-09-09
  • Genre: Bibles


This read-through-the-Bible Bible will not only get you through tough spots such as Numbers and Leviticus--and beyond--it will also help you understand it and connect you with the heart of its Author. With rich insights into the original contexts of Scripture, God's heart will be unveiled in ways many readers have never experienced.

312 engaging devotionals serve as your tour guide, walking you through Genesis to Revelation in manageable portions. Each devotional includes a summary section of the Scripture passage; an application section that reveals God's good heart, helping you make the connection between what you read and your relationship with Him; and an insight section that ties each passage into the rest of God's great stroy.

As you read God's Word, you'll see his divine fingerprints from beginning to end, even in the most unexpected places. And you'll encourter a deeper, fuller picture of the Jesus you throught you knew.

Look at God's Word through the lens of its original hearers. Let it open your eyes to his heart. Join him in his story. And experience a more intimate walk with him.?

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