The Daylight War: Book Three of The Demon Cycle - Peter V. Brett

The Daylight War: Book Three of The Demon Cycle

By Peter V. Brett

  • Release Date: 2013-02-12
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 364 Ratings



With The Warded Man and The Desert Spear, Peter V. Brett surged to the front rank of contemporary fantasy, standing alongside giants in the field such as George R. R. Martin, Robert Jordan, and Terry Brooks. The Daylight War, the eagerly anticipated third volume in Brett’s internationally bestselling Demon Cycle, continues the epic tale of humanity’s last stand against an army of demons that rise each night to prey on mankind.

On the night of the new moon, the demons rise in force, seeking the deaths of two men, both of whom have the potential to become the fabled Deliverer, the man prophesied to reunite the scattered remnants of humanity in a final push to destroy the demon corelings once and for all.

Arlen Bales was once an ordinary man, but now he has become something more—the Warded Man, tattooed with eldritch wards so powerful they make him a match for any demon. Arlen denies he is the Deliverer at every turn, but the more he tries to be one with the common folk, the more fervently they believe. Many would follow him, but Arlen’s path threatens to lead to a dark place he alone can travel to, and from which there may be no returning.

The only one with hope of keeping Arlen in the world of men, or joining him in his descent into the world of demons, is Renna Tanner, a fierce young woman in danger of losing herself to the power of demon magic.

Ahmann Jardir has forged the warlike desert tribes of Krasia into a demon-killing army and proclaimed himself Shar’Dama Ka, the Deliverer. He carries ancient weapons—a spear and a crown—that give credence to his claim, and already vast swaths of the green lands bow to his control.

But Jardir did not come to power on his own. His rise was engineered by his First Wife, Inevera, a cunning and powerful priestess whose formidable demon bone magic gives her the ability to glimpse the future. Inevera’s motives and past are shrouded in mystery, and even Jardir does not entirely trust her.

Once Arlen and Jardir were as close as brothers. Now they are the bitterest of rivals. As humanity’s enemies rise, the only two men capable of defeating them are divided against each other by the most deadly demons of all—those lurking in the human heart.

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Praise for The Daylight War

“[Peter V. Brett] confirms his place among epic fantasy’s pantheon of greats amid the likes of George R. R. Martin, Steven Erikson, and Robert Jordan.”—Fantasy Book Critic

“Brett’s prose and flow remain virtually flawless, providing for a smooth read during which you don’t feel guilty for skipping two meals so you can lie on the couch and keep reading.”—Fixed on Fantasy

“The best book yet in The Demon Cycle. If you are looking for a great series, look no further.”—Roqoo Depot

“After the phenomenal success of both The Warded Man and The Desert Spear, I was tentative about The Daylight War; surely it couldn’t get much better? Well, I was wrong. . . . This will be a strong contender for one of the best books of the year, even this early on.”—Jet Black Ink

“Brett has his hooks in me and I want more of The Demon Cycle.”—Best Fantasy Books

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  • Read this series now

    By SkylineChili
    Song of Ice and Fire is by far the best thing I've ever read, but I love this series. These negative reviews for the third book are ridiculous, you seriously are that bothered by them using the word ent? I find the kraisans more interesting than the northerners, Jardir especially. If you like fantasy or even are new to it, this is a great series to read. Plus there is not a long wait between books unlike some sexy overweight authors who have two middle initials ;0
  • Wow

    By JJfabolous
    Great series. This book ruins it. Horribly overdone on the love scene. What was the author thinking? I feel like I'm reading a daytime soap opera. Huge disappointment.
  • Phenomenal series

    By IrishVirus85
    These books are a great mix of fantasy storytelling and a great writers ability to develop a anthropological society, that runs deep into the stories bloodline. The only bad part of any of these books are that they end, and your left biting the bit and just want more. Although the books do take some time to come out, any true fan should be thankful that Brett takes his time to fully utilize his creative process.
  • The daylight war

    By Very Disappointed99
    I loved the first two books of the demon cycle. I hated the third one. The writer Peter Brett goes on and on and freaking on about the made up culture of the krasians. It is never ending. For over 1100 pages. I fell in love with the hollow characters and all I hear about are the krasians. The ending is a joke. You have a build up that you wait and wait for the all the sudden there is a cheesy plot twist and the book ends. If he does not have a book four. I will never read one of his books again. Just to add perspective. I have read hundreds of novels. This is my first review I have ever written. I dedicated a lot of my time over the last couple of weeks to the demon cycle. It feels waisted.
  • Disappointing

    By FeydRautha98
    I read and loved both of the previous books in the series, and was going to (and did) buy this book no matter what a review told me... HOWEVER I read the reviews and one about the speech of Arlen, Renna and the folks of Cutter's Hollow caught my attention. Sadly most anyone who is not a Krasian speaks like an idiot with no use of pronouns and a ton of "ent's" incorporated into their language. I was also dismayed by the author's focus on Inevera. I was intrigued about the Krasians in The Desert Spear but have come to grow repulsed by them. To be perfectly honest, I have been paging through chapters that aren't Arlen related. Hate to say it, but I am disappointed with the book and might not even finish it.
  • great

    By yummy12
    love all three of these books, the story around Arlen is so great and is just amazing .. I can't wait until the next book hurry please
  • Jerry Springer will love it

    By Ggrpitt
    Nice story line, some good action, but the interrelationships of the characters seem to be taken from a Jerry Springer show (my mom slept with my boyfriend!!). The extreme melodrama is detrimental from what is otherwise a very good read.
  • Yes!!!!

    By Rich Benjamin
    Amazing could not put it down.
  • Almost killed the series with uneducated bumpkin dialect

    By Cashoom
    What an incredible series. It's a great story, and the story continues to be very good EXCEPT the speech patterns of the northerner protagonists went hardcore, annoyingly uneducated sounding, dopey morons. It's awful. It's so bad that after falling for the characters in the first two books its almost unbearable to "listen" to them in this installment. They drop their pronouns, use the term 'ent' for ain't like its going out of style and they embrace drama more than the worst of reality TV. Gah! It's so frustrating.
  • Great book

    By Lund66
    This was a great book, as all in the series have been. The cliffhanger at the end was a little much and almost makes me wish I had waited till the next book came out to read this one, almost lol. But I will be waiting anxiously for the next installment, hopefully it won't take too long.
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