What Is HTML5? - Brett McLaughlin

What Is HTML5?

By Brett McLaughlin

  • Release Date: 2011-07-13
  • Genre: Computers
Score: 3.5
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HTML5: Everyone’s using it, nobody knows what it is. I realize that sounds more like a line out of an existential movie — maybe Waiting for Godot or a screenplay by Sartre — than a statement about HTML5. But it’s really the truth: most of the people using HTML5 are treating it as HTML4+, or even worse, HTML4 (and some stuff they don’t use). The result? A real delay in the paradigm shift that HTML5 is almost certain to bring. It’s certainly not time to look away, because by the time you look back, you may have missed something really important: a subtle but important transition centered around HTML5.

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  • Can I translate your book ?

    By Mahdixco
    Hi , I have a question. Can I translate your book to persian ? and I shear this free I don’t want to Sell that.
  • Very informative review of HTML5.

    By Lxlx lxlx
    I just found this book and a quite enjoyable reading for a beginner who is trained as a mechanical engineer but want to expand some horizen.
  • Awesome

    By Somaztlan
    Introduction to HTML5....now I have a clue what the big fuzz is all about :)
  • Poorly written

    By dr_punditington
    Some good content, but a major hurdle is the all-too-often poor writing style. Syntactical issues abound. I had to re-read a number of sentences just to try to decipher what the author was trying to say. At one point he says that we'll soon get into what he termed "deep water." I thought to myself that we're already there, just because of the poor writing style. Content from within HTML tags is not formatted differently from regular text. This means that the author will discuss, for example, "a tag," and you're supposed to just automatically know that he means the "A" in "A HREF."
  • Good article

    By @ignoreintuition
    Concise and well written. Good primer on what constitutes HTML5 and how it can be used.
  • Missed The Mark

    By Barry L.
    I was expecting a short introduction to what HTML 5 is, what it can beand how i could use it. Instead, I felt like I was reading about ways the other thinks it should be used. It felt less educational and more soapbox-ish (how's that for making up words).
  • Spellcheck and a copy editor could help

    By cleveragency
    Good writing, bud. Your fragmented sentences made introducing the HTML5 concept sort of weak. Proof reading helps. Is this a blog rant sold as an iBook? Refund?