The Mysteries of Free Masonry - William Morgan

The Mysteries of Free Masonry

By William Morgan

  • Release Date: 2006-04-09
  • Genre: History
Score: 3.5
From 653 Ratings


This book represents a great historical artifact of the anti-masonic movement of the 19th Century. The book also talks about the process of becoming a Mason is a life-long journey of learning and a desire for wisdom.

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  • Inticing

    By $JCD
    Actually being a part, well a small part of the masons myself (demolay). I found this book to be a very good read, and want to let people know that yes a lot of the history and things written in this is also taught to you as a demolay. It's very true and informative information. Thank you for making this available for public to read. These sort of things are still carried in the hearts of many people and used every day in this generation. It hasn't been completely lost now a days by all who have accomplished a lot in becoming a mason.
  • Corrective Review

    By Chigger010
    The people giving this book a 1 star were probably under the impression that this book were effective "meeting minutes" for the illuminati or something along those lines. The book says what it intended to say, so don't get frustrated at a truthful publication.
  • Goodddd

    By Buchemartha
  • It's ok

    By Matt.g(n)Nikki.t
    Any info about the masons is good enough for me ... Read it
  • Inaccurate

    By MrNcredible9698
    Not good.
  • Just or unjust?

    By W.M. J. Gasbarrini
    In today's society this would probably never happen, but it certainly lays creed to the fact that an oath is to be taken seriously and there are consequences when it's not taken serious, especially when the oath tells of the penalties of violating those oaths. If one is not man enough to stand by his word then that is the beginning of the downfall of society and the crumbling of the continence of man kinds values placed upon his word and a firm handshake .
  • Look it up first

    By History geek4444444445
    This book has history...educate yourself and search about it before your review
  • Read the whole title

    By Ryan Check
    The very top where it says the title of the book. It also says what the book is about. So, for what it is really, it is good. Gives you an idea of the type of rituals.
  • Masons

    By Edebbiebarnes
    If your looking for a really revealing read try, The Scarlet & The Beast.
  • Lousy

    By Joey008
    Don't waste your time with this loser....